Grey Water Tank Solution – Simple Option

Grey Water made easy. With the advent of stricter rules (especially in National Parks or catchment areas) around grey water (sink / shower) containment, we have two options for your consideration. Recently we have fitted a number of under van … Continued

Jockey Wheels – some simple tips.

They can be know by other names such as “Dolly Wheels” or when they are not working or fail when you are away from home as that “Useless Thing”. Regular servicing / inspection will avoid all your woes. The picture … Continued

Nuts and Pressure – Safety First

Are your caravan wheel nuts and tyre pressures correctly tensioned and inflated? Typically these are two of the most overlooked aspects of safe caravan travel; both can be easily addressed by sourcing and fitting (DIY) a suitable product(s) from Redcat … Continued

Caravan Batteries – Simple Solution

All batteries aren’t the same – they differ, a lot, between brands and types. It’s potentially a trap especially when changing out batteries if your existing charger rates fail to meet or exceed your new battery requirements. Here are some … Continued

Caravan Gas Regulators – Simple Maintenance

Are you regulating correctly? Gas regulation is often an overlooked maintenance item. Following a number of gas bottle refills contaminates i.e. water and debris can be introduced into the bottle and if so the regulators will play-up! The regulator mixes … Continued

Caravan Fridges – Simple Option

“Running” a bunch of electrical stuff on the move – how complicated has caravanning become. Power this, power that and most importantly, keep the drinks cold. Remember the early caravanning days when it was just a 5-pin Utilux (steel) plug; … Continued